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Computer in English Notes PDF

We all know that nowadays computer has become a normal device because everyone will get a computer or laptop. Is. But before that it is very important for us to know a little bit about the computer, who invented the computer, what is the computer, when did the computer first come and what is it in the computer that it works so fast and that too in a few seconds. So friends stay connected with us till the end of this article and get complete information related to this Computer in English Notes PDF.

Computer in English Notes PDF Download

Computer is a machine and processes it according to software or program to produce some result. Computer is called artificial intelligence. Its memory power is higher than that of humans.

Features of Computer:

  • It works at a fast speed that means time is saved.
  • It works flawlessly.
  • It features permanent and large storage capacity.
  • It is capable of taking quick decisions as per pre-determined instructions.

Uses of Computer:

  • In the Field of education
  • in scientific research
  • in railway and aircraft reservation
  • in bank
  • in defense
  • in business
  • in communication
  • in entertainment

Computer Functions:

  1. Data Collection
  2. Data Storage
  3. Data Processing
  4. Data Output

What is Personal Computer?

Computer in English Notes PDF

Computer in English Notes PDF

A personal computer is a small, relatively inexpensive computer designed for personal use. It is based on microprocessor technology. In business it is used for word processing, accounting, desktop publishing, spreadsheet and database management etc. Personal computers at home are used for entertainment, viewing e-mails and preparing small documents.

The main parts of a personal computer are:

  • CPU
  • Hard Disk
  • CD-Drive
  • Floppy Drive
  • Monitor
  • Mouse
  • Key Board
  • UPS
  • Speaker

What is software?

Software is a series of instructions written by a programming language according to which the given data is processed. A computer cannot do any work without software. Its primary purpose is to convert data into information. Hardware also works according to the instructions of the software. It is also called program. An interface is used to establish communication between hardware and software.

All software is protected and protected by license. A software license is a legal agreement between the manufacturer and the user of the software, under which it is prohibited to install the software on more than one computer, modify the code and modify the software in any way. It restricts the use of the software.

There are different types of computer software. It is generally classified into three categories:

1. System Software

It controls the computer hardware so that the application software can run properly. Such as operating system, device driver, Windows system etc.

2. Application Software

It allows the user to complete one or more specific tasks. Application software is created using high level computer languages. The software program is written using the English language, so the user can easily use the computer. Such as – word processor, industrial automation, business software and medical software etc.

3. Programming Software

It usually provides tools to assist a programmer in writing computer programs, such as text editors, compilers, de-buggers, interpreters, etc.

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Computer Handwritten Notes in English

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Basics of Computer PDF in English

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