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Hello friends, today we have brought very important Physics Objective Questions in Hindi PDF for all of you, which you were waiting for a long time. Today the wait of all of you is over because in today’s Physics Objective Questions in Hindi PDF, you are going to get more than 400 most important questions and answers, and you will get their answers in the form of a table inside the PDF.

Today’s Physics Questions in Hindi PDF, we have brought for those candidates, who are preparing for the government exam, and who have problems regarding the questions in the exam, from today and from now on if you all answer all these questions. If you try to remember and try to write, then your speed will be fine and along with this you will not face any kind of problem in the upcoming exam.

We would also like to tell those candidates that this Physics Questions PDF in Hindi is very useful for you as well as for those who are currently studying in 10th class and 12th class, because these questions keep coming in your exam. If you keep trying to memorize them from now on, then you will not face any problem going ahead and wish those candidates must take care of those who are preparing for IAS and want to do because this PDF is only for those candidates. Made by keeping in .

Physics Important Questions in Hindi PDF

My dear friends, today’s Physics One Liner Questions in Hindi PDF has been made relative to Hindi, we have brought you the best Hindi question and answer in this Physics Questions in Hindi PDF, which is very useful for you. And this question has been asked many times in government and other exams as well.

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Physics One Liner Important Question

  1. Blasi Pascal is related to which machine?
    Ans- By calculating machine.
  2. Who first recognized the electron?
    Ans- JJ Thomson.
  3. Which scientist was the first to say that the Earth revolves around the Sun?
    Ans- Copernicus.
  4. Who was the inventor of ball point pen?
    Ans- Veero Brothers
  5. Whose inventors are considered the Wright brothers?
    Ans- Aircraft.
  6. Who was the inventor of steam engine?
    Ans- James Watt.
  7. what is the unit of work
    Ans- Joule
  8. what is si unit of force
    Ans- Newton
  9. parsec is the unit
    Ans- Distance
  10. what is the unit of light year
    Ans- Distance
  11. Pascal is the unit
    Ans- pressure
  12. candela is a unit
    Ans- Light intensity
  13. Newman is the unit of
    Ans- Jyoti flux
  14. what is the unit of joule
    Ans- Energy
  15. Hertz is the unit of measurement
    Ans- Frequency of waves

As friends, all of you know that we keep bringing PDF of many subjects for you every day so that you do not face any problem in any examination and you can prepare well for your examination and get good marks. Friends, for further information, you can get this PDF by visiting the link.

Physics Objective Important Question PDF in Hindi

Physics Important MCQ’s PDF

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