What is ATM Full Form and Complete Details


Do you know about ATM Full Form? If you do not know about the full form of ATM. So you read this article of ours carefully, in this article, we will give information about ATM Full Form and other information about ATM-like- What is ATM? Why ATM is used? What are the benefits of using an ATM? Read this for full details.

ATM Full Form

We often use ATMs. But we do not know this. What is the full form of an ATM? Often people ask us about ATMs, to withdraw money from ATMs. So let’s know today. ATM Full Form in English- “Automatic Teller Machine”. An ATM is called “स्वचालित टेलर मशीन” in Hindi.

What is ATM

ATM is used exclusively for withdrawing money. Almost all the banks are installed here. There are 22 nationalized banks in India and there are other private banks as well, almost all banks have ATM machines. It has been working in India for a long time, the money deposited in this ATM used to be withdrawn, but now much of their work is being done from ATM.

Main Functions of ATM

  • Money deposited through ATM can be withdrawn and how much balance is left and balance information can be obtained in a slip.
  • Money can be deposited through ATM, and a balance can be obtained with the slip.
  • Mobile numbers can be registered through ATMs and message alerts can be received.
  • Pin code and new pin can be obtained.
  • Money can be transferred to someone else’s account.
  • Money can be transferred to any other ATM card or account through ATM Card.
  • Bill payment can be done for any organization or work, public or private.
  • Shopping and shopping and fees can be deposited.

Benefits of ATM

  • After the arrival of the ATM, every customer has now got more convenience in the transaction of money than ever before.
  • Earlier, he had to run after the employees of the bank to withdraw cash from his account. But now with the convenience of ATMs, customers can get their money whenever they want.
  • If you have an account in any bank, then get your ATM card made from that bank. Because to withdraw money from ATM you will need an ATM card. You will be given a 4 digit code of ATM card which is the secret code.
  • ATM facility is available 24 hours. You can withdraw money from ATM whenever you want.
  • Today ATMs of all banks are used in India. Like- SBI, BOB. BOI, ICICI Bank, etc. are used.

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