What is NCC Full Form and Complete Details


Know about NCC Full Form. We will give you the NCC Full Form in Hindi, what is the full form of NCC? What is NCC? Where is the headquarter of NCC located? When was NCC established? Because if you want to make your future in the field of Defense, then the complete information about National Cadet Corps in Hindi is very important, so read this article of ours for complete information here.

NCC Full Form

Whenever we talk about going to the army. So people tell us that if you do NCC then you can join the army very quickly. So let’s know what is NCC, first of all, we know what is the full name of NCC. The meaning of NCC in Hindi is “National Cadet Corps”. The full form of NCC is “National Cadet Corps”.

What are the other full forms of NCC, which all of you should already be aware of?

NCCNational Capital Commission
NCCNational Community Church
NCCNew Castle City Council
NCCNikko Cordial Corporation
NCCNondescripts Cricket Club
NCCNorwalk Community College
NCCNunawading Christian College

What is NCC

Especially this NCC preparation is done for school and college students in India. NCC is a tri-service organization consisting of the Army, Navy, and Air Force engaged in grooming the youth of the country into disciplined and patriotic citizens. The National Cadet Corps in India is another military organization that recruits cadets from high schools, colleges, and universities all over India. By which cadets are given basic military training in small arms and parades.

Where is the headquarters of NCC?

As you all know that all the armies of India, whether it is the Navy, the Army, or the Air Force, all have their headquarters in Delhi. Similarly, the headquarters of NCC is also in Delhi.

When was NCC established?

NCC was established in India in 1947. It was established with the National Cadet Corps Act. This happened on 14 July 1947. The NCC was originated under the Indian Defense Act 1947, with the aim of meeting the shortage of the Army. In 1920 the Indian Territorial Act was passed, the ‘University Corps’ was replaced by the University Training Corps (UCT). The purpose of UCT was to elevate the status of UCT and to make it more attractive to youth. In UCT, officers and cadets had to dress like the military. This was an important step towards the Indianisation of the armed forces. The National Cadet Corps was established by the British Government in 1942, which was considered as a successor to the University Officers Training Corps. It was renamed Karan (UOTC). During the Second World War, the (UOTC) never came up to the expectations set by the British. This could have trained more youth in a better way. The committee headed by Pandit Hemvati Kunzru recommended a cadet organization to be set up in schools and colleges at a national level which was accepted by the Governor-General under the National Cadet Corps Act. The National Cadet Corps was established on 14 July 1947.

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