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UPS Full Form

UPS Full Form UPS Full Form Through today’s article, let us tell you what is the full form of UPS? UPS full form in Hindi. Where is UPS used? What is the full form of U.P.S? What is the function of UPS. How does UPS work? What is its main use? For any kind of information related to UPS, read this article of ours.

What is UPS?

The full form of UPS is Uninterruptible Power Supply. And the full form of UPS in Hindi is uninterrupted power supply. In simple words we can say UPS. UPS is one such machine. Which is used to run our computer when the electric current is cut.

Where is UPS used?

UPS is mostly used to run the computer. As you know. There are two types of personal computers. First Laptop and Second Desktop Computer.

Laptop computer means (Lap) i.e. lap and top means above, from this it is clear that such a computer which can be carried in the lap and which can be worked by keeping it anywhere in any way. Laptop computer is called.

Desktop computer means (Desk) means main and top means. As above, it shows that a computer that works by keeping it on a table. It is called Desktop Computer.

The only difference between a laptop computer and a desktop computer is that a laptop computer has an internal battery. And it can be run comfortably for two to three hours by charging it. And there is no internal battery in Desktop Computer. Therefore it is run from external electric current. That’s why desktop computers shut down immediately when the light goes out. And you do not get a chance to save the file. That’s why most users use UPS with desktop computers.

What is the function of UPS?

The work of UPS is used to run the computer after the light is cut off. Its function is that when we run the computer. So sometimes our computer shuts down immediately when the light is cut. Due to which the file in which we keep working. Can’t save it. If our computer is connected to UPS. So our computer does not shut down quickly. It can run our computer for about 1 hour. Therefore, it is mostly used to run the computer itself. It is also used to light the bulb.

How does UPS work?

There is a power battery in the UPS. Which is connected to the Main Switch of Light. And its battery gets charged. And then when the light is cut, we use it to run electrical equipment.

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